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Bonita Beach Jewelers is the most trusted jeweler and antiques dealer in our market. We are the authority in all areas in the business. Bonita Beach Jewelers act responsibly and ethically and offer years of expertise from selling and providing exceptional quality products.  Bonita Beach Jewelers makes decisions that are in the best interest of suppliers, buyers, local economy, the environment, the international bead and jewelry community. We are especially aware that our clients need a dependent stable business that always has‏ the best interest of our community. Please stop in to experience the difference today!


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Thank you very much for the appraisals you did for me and my sister-in-law. Having never been to a jeweler’s, I was a bit nervous about getting an appraisal done, butMichael immediately put me at ease with his relaxed yet professional demeanor. I appreciated the explanations he gave as he worked – I now know my ring better than I did before. The appraisal process was comfortable and not the least bit intimidating, and it was clear that Michael knew what he was doing. Thank you for making that experience positive. My sister-in-law and I now have detailed appraisals in beautiful, sturdy booklets, as well as printed and digital pictures of our rings. I’m glad that I found you, and I will certainly recommendBonita Beach Jewelers to anyone who could use their expertise.
Heidi C.- Naples Florida
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